We work to guarantee functionality and economic convenience based on the volume of supply that is most suitable for producers of chemicals and paints, galvanics and metal, wood and paper treatments. In addition to the supply of acids, bases, degreasers, solvents and alcohols, we support the customer by internalizing part of their production and directly supplying the finished product ready for marketing.

Detergents and Cosmetics

In addition to marketing and supplying acids, bases, phosphonates and alcohols at the best market conditions through 30 years of relationships with European and Far East producers, we have developed particular experience in the creation of powder and liquid mixtures for third parties, which we produce and package branded as per customer directives.

Pharmaceutical and Food

We search for selected and approved ingredients and additives together with the customer in order to guarantee the highest level of quality available on the market at the best economic conditions. We guarantee availability in stock and immediate supply according to customer needs.

Water treatment

We make all our expertise available to the private and public sectors in terms of consultancy on the choice of pH regulators, biocides, floculants, coagulants, disinfectants, foaming agents. As well as flexibility in adapting to any particular supply requirement of the customer's system.


We undertake collaborative relationships only with partners who share our philosophy of respect for the environment and the animal world and in this regard we market raw materials and develop blends together with our customers focused on long-term sustainability